I am Balázs Nyiri: economist, psychologist, and coach. Thanks to my qualifications and my jobs so far, I am at home in the business world as well as in the inner workings of the human mind. I have synthesized my experience in these fields throughout the years into a unique mixture, which has proved to be a solid base for my coaching profession. I enjoy working with talented and successful people who are open for self-improvement and aim to become even more successful.


Certainly my most important “instrument” in this job is my personality, which is said to radiate calmness and security. My attitude about people is characterized by a unique and real curiosity. Clients usually recognize this immediately, and appreciate it. I also tend to notice even the most subtle elements of the human mind  and this enables me to form powerful questions and thoughts. For example, one day at the beginning of a session a client of mine told me that the following day he would meet a group of people. He said that they meet up regularly, and he usually baked something for these events. This time, he was unsure if he should do so or not. This topic may seem to have little importance upon first glance, yet we had a 1.5 hour long, very deep conversation about it. Upon further questioning, he was able to recognize a main driving force in his life. He also realized how this force has influenced his entire life so far (work, parents, relationships), and how he could immediately put this new knowledge into practice.


These are also the very reasons why I find Deep Coaching fits me so well: using my abilities and experience I conduct deep conversations with my clients which enable them to achieve instant, long-term positive changes. My motto is: “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.” (Milton Berle)