I am Balázs Nyiri: economist, psychologist, and coach. Thanks to my qualifications and my jobs so far, I am at home in the business world as well as in the inner workings of the human mind. I have synthesized my experience in these fields throughout the years into a unique mixture, which has proved to be a solid base for my coaching profession. I enjoy working with talented and successful people who are open for self-improvement and aim to become even more successful.


I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to learn in person from personal development giants like professor Philipp Zimbardo (Stanford University), dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Tony Robbins (world's nr. 1 coach and motivational speaker), Michael Neill or Rich Litvin (worldclass coaches and bestseller authors).


Certainly my most important “instrument” in this job is my personality, which is said to radiate calmness and security. My attitude about people is characterized by a unique and real curiosity. Clients usually recognize this immediately, and appreciate it. I also tend to notice even the most subtle elements of the human mind  and this enables me to form powerful questions and thoughts.


These are also the very reasons why I find Deep Coaching fits me so well: using my abilities and experience I conduct deep conversations with my clients which enable them to achieve instant, long-term positive changes. My motto is: “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.” (Milton Berle)





"I can hardly put into words how it feels like when your national anthem is played for you for the first time during a European Championship, especially if you think about how much effort you have put in into this! But to this achievement I have received many help. Balázs, with your help I could conquer my fears, and without stress, I was able to fight for my dreams in a much relaxed state." - Anna Sólyom, karate European champion


"I really enjoyed speaking to you yesterday. During the call I felt a huge shift in state and I remembered who I am and why I’m doing what I do. Your an amazing coach. Thank you!"      


"Thanks Balázs for a great deep, deep, deep session which seals in my deepest self and enables me discover a new area to love, life and find myself. Thanks for important lessons learned!"


"I had a very pleasant and fruitful coaching session with Balazs. He quickly helped me point out my issue and challenged me several times throughout the session. After only one session, I experienced an „aha moment“ which will definitely help me on my way to self mastery. Thank you Balazs! Looking forward to hearing and reading more from you!"


"Just got off of a coaching call with Balázs, and I must say, he is an up and coming coach master. He helped me to see and uncover a blockage I allowed myself to carry and hold on to from my youth, which could lessen my ability to produce greatness in certain areas of my life. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity." - Theran King T. Washington, coach


"With the help of Balázs I was able to achieve a state where I realised: no matter how hard change is, if someone is not happy with his current life (but used to be a happy person) then we must step forward and look for help of a professional. During our sessions we have had figured out why there was so much sadness and stress in me, and the answer was eventually pretty simple: I did not love myself enough. I did not accept who I really was. Once I have realised my true self with the help of such a mirror, I could accept myself and be happy that I am unique in this world - having other dreams than the most but this does not mean that there is anything wrong with me."